match(tuple) public

Matches this template against tuple. The tuple must be the same size as the template. An element with a nil value in a template acts as a wildcard, matching any value in the corresponding position in the tuple. Elements of the template match the tuple if the are #== or #===.

Template.new([:foo, 5]).match   Tuple.new([:foo, 5]) # => true
Template.new([:foo, nil]).match Tuple.new([:foo, 5]) # => true
Template.new([String]).match    Tuple.new(['hello']) # => true

Template.new([:foo]).match      Tuple.new([:foo, 5]) # => false
Template.new([:foo, 6]).match   Tuple.new([:foo, 5]) # => false
Template.new([:foo, nil]).match Tuple.new([:foo])    # => false
Template.new([:foo, 6]).match   Tuple.new([:foo])    # => false
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