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exclude(*patterns, &block) public

Register a list of file name patterns that should be excluded from the list. Patterns may be regular expressions, glob patterns or regular strings. In addition, a block given to exclude will remove entries that return true when given to the block.

Note that glob patterns are expanded against the file system. If a file is explicitly added to a file list, but does not exist in the file system, then an glob pattern in the exclude list will not exclude the file.


FileList['a.c', 'b.c'].exclude("a.c") => ['b.c']
FileList['a.c', 'b.c'].exclude(/^a/)  => ['b.c']

If “a.c” is a file, then …

FileList['a.c', 'b.c'].exclude("a.*") => ['b.c']

If “a.c” is not a file, then …

FileList['a.c', 'b.c'].exclude("a.*") => ['a.c', 'b.c']
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