to_s() public

Returns a string containing the regular expression and its options (using the (?opts:source) notation. This string can be fed back in to Regexp::new to a regular expression with the same semantics as the original. (However, Regexp#== may not return true when comparing the two, as the source of the regular expression itself may differ, as the example shows). Regexp#inspect produces a generally more readable version of rxp.

r1 = /ab+c/ix           #=> /ab+c/ix
s1 = r1.to_s            #=> "(?ix-m:ab+c)"
r2 =     #=> /(?ix-m:ab+c)/
r1 == r2                #=> false
r1.source               #=> "ab+c"
r2.source               #=> "(?ix-m:ab+c)"
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