info(progname = nil, &block) public

Log an INFO message.


the message to log; does not need to be a String


in the block form, this is the #progname to use in the

the log message.  The default can be set with #progname=


evaluates to the message to log. This is not evaluated

unless the logger's level is sufficient
to log the message.  This allows you to create
potentially expensive logging messages that are
only called when the logger is configured to show them.


logger.info("MainApp") { "Received connection from #{ip}" }
# ...
logger.info "Waiting for input from user"
# ...
logger.info { "User typed #{input}" }

You’ll probably stick to the second form above, unless you want to provide a program name (which you can do with #progname= as well).


See #add.

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