start(address, *arg) public

creates a new Net::HTTP object and opens its TCP connection and HTTP session.

Argments are following:


hostname or IP address of the server


port of the server


address of proxy


port of proxy


user of proxy


pass of proxy


optional hash

opt sets following values by its accessor. The keys are ca_file, ca_path, cert, cert_store, ciphers, close_on_empty_response, key, open_timeout, read_timeout, ssl_timeout, ssl_version, use_ssl, verify_callback, verify_depth and verify_mode. If you set :use_ssl as true, you can use https and default value of verify_mode is set as OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_PEER.

If the optional block is given, the newly created Net::HTTP object is passed to it and closed when the block finishes. In this case, the return value of this method is the return value of the block. If no block is given, the return value of this method is the newly created Net::HTTP object itself, and the caller is responsible for closing it upon completion.

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