wait(p1 = v1, p2 = v2) public

Waits for a child process to exit, returns its process id, and sets $? to a Process::Status object containing information on that process. Which child it waits on depends on the value of pid:

> 0

Waits for the child whose process ID equals pid.


Waits for any child whose process group ID equals that of the

calling process.


Waits for any child process (the default if no pid is


< -1

Waits for any child whose process group ID equals the absolute

value of _pid_.

The flags argument may be a logical or of the flag values Process::WNOHANG (do not block if no child available) or Process::WUNTRACED (return stopped children that haven’t been reported). Not all flags are available on all platforms, but a flag value of zero will work on all platforms.

Calling this method raises a SystemError if there are no child processes. Not available on all platforms.

include Process
fork { exit 99 }                 #=> 27429
wait                             #=> 27429
$?.exitstatus                    #=> 99

pid = fork { sleep 3 }           #=> 27440
Time.now                         #=> 2008-03-08 19:56:16 +0900
waitpid(pid, Process::WNOHANG)   #=> nil
Time.now                         #=> 2008-03-08 19:56:16 +0900
waitpid(pid, 0)                  #=> 27440
Time.now                         #=> 2008-03-08 19:56:19 +0900
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