children(with_directory=true) public

Returns the children of the directory (files and subdirectories, not recursive) as an array of Pathname objects. By default, the returned pathnames will have enough information to access the files. If you set with_directory to false, then the returned pathnames will contain the filename only.

For example:

p = Pathname("/usr/lib/ruby/1.8")
    # -> [ Pathname:/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/English.rb,
           Pathname:/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/abbrev.rb, ... ]
    # -> [ Pathname:English.rb, Pathname:Env.rb, Pathname:abbrev.rb, ... ]

Note that the result never contain the entries . and .. in the directory because they are not children.

This method has existed since 1.8.1.

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