each( xpath=nil, &block) public

Iterates through all of the child Elements, optionally filtering them by a given XPath

xpath:optional. If supplied, this is a String XPath, and is used to filter the children, so that only matching children are yielded. Note that XPaths are automatically filtered for Elements, so that non-Element children will not be yielded
 doc = Document.new '<a><b/><c/><d/>sean<b/><c/><d/></a>'
 doc.root.each {|e|p e}       #-> Yields b, c, d, b, c, d elements
 doc.root.each('b') {|e|p e}  #-> Yields b, b elements
 doc.root.each('child::node()')  {|e|p e}
 #-> Yields <b/>, <c/>, <d/>, <b/>, <c/>, <d/>
 XPath.each(doc.root, 'child::node()', &block)
 #-> Yields <b/>, <c/>, <d/>, sean, <b/>, <c/>, <d/>
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