store(set, attr, flags) public

Sends a STORE command to alter data associated with messages in the mailbox, in particular their flags. The set parameter is a number or an array of numbers or a Range object. Each number is a message sequence number. attr is the name of a data item to store: ‘FLAGS’ means to replace the message’s flag list with the provided one; ’+FLAGS’ means to add the provided flags; and ’-FLAGS’ means to remove them. flags is a list of flags.

The return value is an array of Net::IMAP::FetchData. For example:

  p imap.store(6..8, "+FLAGS", [:Deleted])
  #=> [#<Net::IMAP::FetchData seqno=6, attr={"FLAGS"=>[:Seen, :Deleted]}>, \\
       #<Net::IMAP::FetchData seqno=7, attr={"FLAGS"=>[:Seen, :Deleted]}>, \\
       #<Net::IMAP::FetchData seqno=8, attr={"FLAGS"=>[:Seen, :Deleted]}>]
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