service(req, res) public

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# File lib/webrick/httpserver.rb, line 89
    def service(req, res)
      if req.unparsed_uri == "*"
        if req.request_method == "OPTIONS"
          do_OPTIONS(req, res)
          raise HTTPStatus::OK
        raise HTTPStatus::NotFound, "`#{req.unparsed_uri}' not found."

      servlet, options, script_name, path_info = search_servlet(req.path)
      raise HTTPStatus::NotFound, "`#{req.path}' not found." unless servlet
      req.script_name = script_name
      req.path_info = path_info
      si = servlet.get_instance(self, *options)
      @logger.debug(format("%s is invoked.",
      si.service(req, res)
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