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help_output() public

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# File lib/rdoc/options.rb, line 321
    def OptionList.help_output
      OptionList.strip_output("How RDoc generates output depends on the output formatter being\nused, and on the options you give.\n\n- HTML output is normally produced into a number of separate files\n(one per class, module, and file, along with various indices).\nThese files will appear in the directory given by the --op\noption (doc/ by default).\n\n- XML output by default is written to standard output. If a\n--opname option is given, the output will instead be written\nto a file with that name in the output directory.\n\n- .chm files (Windows help files) are written in the --op directory.\nIf an --opname parameter is present, that name is used, otherwise\nthe file will be called rdoc.chm.\n\nFor information on other RDoc options, use \"rdoc --help\".\n")
      exit 0
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