set_trace_func(p1) public

Establishes proc as the handler for tracing, or disables tracing if the parameter is nil. proc takes up to six parameters: an event name, a filename, a line number, an object id, a binding, and the name of a class. proc is invoked whenever an event occurs. Events are: c-call (call a C-language routine), c-return (return from a C-language routine), call (call a Ruby method), class (start a class or module definition), end (finish a class or module definition), line (execute code on a new line), raise (raise an exception), and return (return from a Ruby method). Tracing is disabled within the context of proc.

  class Test
  def test
    a = 1
    b = 2

  set_trace_func proc { |event, file, line, id, binding, classname|
     printf "%8s %s:%-2d %10s %8s\n", event, file, line, id, classname
  t = Test.new

    line prog.rb:11               false
  c-call prog.rb:11        new    Class
  c-call prog.rb:11 initialize   Object
c-return prog.rb:11 initialize   Object
c-return prog.rb:11        new    Class
    line prog.rb:12               false
    call prog.rb:2        test     Test
    line prog.rb:3        test     Test
    line prog.rb:4        test     Test
  return prog.rb:4        test     Test
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