status() public

Returns the status of thr: ``sleep'' if thr is sleeping or waiting on I/O, ``run'' if thr is executing, ``aborting'' if thr is aborting, false if thr terminated normally, and nil if thr terminated with an exception.

   a = Thread.new { raise("die now") }
   b = Thread.new { Thread.stop }
   c = Thread.new { Thread.exit }
   d = Thread.new { sleep }
   Thread.critical = true
   d.kill                  #=> #<Thread:0x401b3678 aborting>
   a.status                #=> nil
   b.status                #=> "sleep"
   c.status                #=> false
   d.status                #=> "aborting"
   Thread.current.status   #=> "run"
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