IPSocket is the parent of TCPSocket and UDPSocket and implements functionality common to them.

A number of APIs in IPSocket, Socket, and their descendants return an address as an array. The members of that array are:

  • address family: A string like "AF_INET" or "AF_INET6" if it is one of the commonly used families, the string "unknown:#" (where `#’ is the address family number) if it is not one of the common ones. The strings map to the Socket::AF_* constants.
  • port: The port number.
  • name: Either the canonical name from looking the address up in the DNS, or the address in presentation format
  • address: The address in presentation format (a dotted decimal string for IPv4, a hex string for IPv6).

The address and port can be used directly to create sockets and to bind or connect them to the address.

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