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This program is copyrighted free software by NAKAMURA, Hiroshi. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms of Ruby’s license; either the dual license version in 2003, or any later version.


Version = '0.0.2'

Namespace = 'http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/'

SOAPBindingNamespace = 'http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/soap/'

ArrayTypeAttrName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'arrayType')

BindingName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'binding')

DefinitionsName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'definitions')

DocumentationName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'documentation')

FaultName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'fault')

ImportName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'import')

InputName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'input')

MessageName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'message')

OperationName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'operation')

OutputName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'output')

PartName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'part')

PortName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'port')

PortTypeName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'portType')

ServiceName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'service')

TypesName = XSD::QName.new(Namespace, 'types')

SchemaName = XSD::QName.new(XSD::Namespace, 'schema')

SOAPAddressName = XSD::QName.new(SOAPBindingNamespace, 'address')

SOAPBindingName = XSD::QName.new(SOAPBindingNamespace, 'binding')

SOAPHeaderName = XSD::QName.new(SOAPBindingNamespace, 'header')

SOAPBodyName = XSD::QName.new(SOAPBindingNamespace, 'body')

SOAPFaultName = XSD::QName.new(SOAPBindingNamespace, 'fault')

SOAPOperationName = XSD::QName.new(SOAPBindingNamespace, 'operation')

BindingAttrName = XSD::QName.new(nil, 'binding')

ElementAttrName = XSD::QName.new(nil, 'element')

LocationAttrName = XSD::QName.new(nil, 'location')

MessageAttrName = XSD::QName.new(nil, 'message')

NameAttrName = XSD::QName.new(nil, 'name')

NamespaceAttrName = XSD::QName.new(nil, 'namespace')

ParameterOrderAttrName = XSD::QName.new(nil, 'parameterOrder')

TargetNamespaceAttrName = XSD::QName.new(nil, 'targetNamespace')

TypeAttrName = XSD::QName.new(nil, 'type')


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