WIN32OLE_VARIANT objects represents OLE variant.

Win32OLE converts Ruby object into OLE variant automatically when invoking OLE methods. If OLE method requires the argument which is different from the variant by automatic conversion of Win32OLE, you can convert the specfied variant type by using WIN32OLE_VARIANT class.

param = WIN32OLE_VARIANT.new(10, WIN32OLE::VARIANT::VT_R4)

WIN32OLE_VARIANT does not support VT_RECORD variant. Use WIN32OLE_RECORD class instead of WIN32OLE_VARIANT if the VT_RECORD variant is needed.


NoParam = represents VT_ERROR variant with DISP_E_PARAMNOTFOUND. This constants is used for not specified parameter. fso = WIN32OLE.new("Scripting.FileSystemObject") fso.openTextFile(filename, WIN32OLE_VARIANT:

Nothing = rb_funcall(cWIN32OLE_VARIANT, rb_intern("new"), 2, Qnil, RB_INT2FIX(VT_DISPATCH))

Null = rb_funcall(cWIN32OLE_VARIANT, rb_intern("new"), 2, Qnil, RB_INT2FIX(VT_NULL))

Empty = rb_funcall(cWIN32OLE_VARIANT, rb_intern("new"), 2, Qnil, RB_INT2FIX(VT_EMPTY))


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