An HTTP request. This is consumed by service and do_* methods in WEBrick servlets




[R] request_time

The local time this request was received

[R] keep_alive

Is this a keep-alive connection?

[R] attributes

Hash of request attributes

[R] peeraddr

The socket address of the client

[R] addr

The socket address of the server

[RW] user

The remote user (CGI variable)

[R] accept_language

The Accept-Language header value

[R] accept_encoding

The Accept-Encoding header value

[R] accept_charset

The Accept-Charset header value

[R] accept

The Accept header value

[R] cookies

The parsed request cookies

[R] header

The parsed header of the request

[R] raw_header

The raw header of the request

[RW] query_string

The query from the URI of the request

[RW] path_info

The path info (CGI variable)

[RW] script_name

The script name (CGI variable)

[R] path

The request path

[R] request_uri

The parsed URI of the request

[R] http_version

The HTTP version of the request

[R] unparsed_uri

The unparsed URI of the request

[R] request_method

The request method, GET, POST, PUT, etc.

[R] request_line

The complete request line such as:

GET / HTTP/1.1
[R] client_cert

HTTP request client certificate

[R] server_cert

HTTP request server certificate

[R] cipher

HTTP request SSL cipher

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