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Cheap-n-cheerful HTML page template system. You create a template containing:

  • variable names between percent signs (%fred%)

  • blocks of repeating stuff:

      ... stuff

You feed the code a hash. For simple variables, the values are resolved directly from the hash. For blocks, the hash entry corresponding to key will be an array of hashes. The block will be generated once for each entry. Blocks can be nested arbitrarily deeply.

The template may also contain

  ... stuff

stuff will only be included in the output if the corresponding key is set in the value hash.

Usage: Given a set of templates T1, T2, etc

   values = { "name" => "Dave", state => "TX" }

   t = TemplatePage.new(T1, T2, T3)
   File.open(name, "w") {|f| t.write_html_on(f, values)}
   res = ''
   t.write_html_on(res, values)
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