A RingServer allows a Rinda::TupleSpace to be located via UDP broadcasts. Default service location uses the following steps:

  1. A RingServer begins listening on the network broadcast UDP address.

  2. A RingFinger sends a UDP packet containing the DRb URI where it will listen for a reply.

  3. The RingServer receives the UDP packet and connects back to the provided DRb URI with the DRb service.

A RingServer requires a TupleSpace:

ts = Rinda::TupleSpace.new
rs = Rinda::RingServer.new

RingServer can also listen on multicast addresses for announcements. This allows multiple RingServers to run on the same host. To use network broadcast and multicast:

ts = Rinda::TupleSpace.new
rs = Rinda::RingServer.new ts, %w[Socket::INADDR_ANY, ff02::1]
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