A Context is something that can hold modules, classes, methods, attributes, aliases, requires, and includes. Classes, modules, and files are all Contexts.


TYPES = %w[class instance]


[R] aliases

Class/module aliases

[R] attributes

All attr* methods

[R] constants

Constants defined

[W] current_section

Sets the current documentation section of documentation

[R] in_files

Files this context is found in

[R] includes

Modules this context includes

[R] method_list

Methods defined in this context

[R] name

Name of this class excluding namespace. See also full_name

[R] requires

Files this context requires

[RW] temporary_section

Use this section for the next method, attribute or constant added.

[RW] unmatched_alias_lists

Hash old_name => [aliases], for aliases that haven’t (yet) been resolved to a method/attribute. (Not to be confused with the aliases of the context.)

[R] external_aliases

Aliases that could not eventually be resolved.

[RW] visibility

Current visibility of this context

[R] methods_hash

Hash of registered methods. Attributes are also registered here, twice if they are RW.

[R] constants_hash

Hash of registered constants.

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