seplist(list, sep=nil, iter_method=:each) public

Adds a separated list. The list is separated by comma with breakable space, by default.

#seplist iterates the list using iter_method. It yields each object to the block given for #seplist. The procedure separator_proc is called between each yields.

If the iteration is zero times, separator_proc is not called at all.

If separator_proc is nil or not given, +lambda { comma_breakable }+ is used. If iter_method is not given, :each is used.

For example, following 3 code fragments has similar effect.

q.seplist([1,2,3]) {|v| xxx v }

q.seplist([1,2,3], lambda { q.comma_breakable }, :each) {|v| xxx v }

xxx 1
xxx 2
xxx 3
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