methods(*args) public

Returns a list of the names of public and protected methods of obj. This will include all the methods accessible in obj’s ancestors. If the optional parameter is false, it returns an array of obj’s public and protected singleton methods, the array will not include methods in modules included in <i>obj.

class Klass
  def klass_method()
k =
k.methods[0..9]    #=> [:klass_method, :nil?, :===,
                   #    :==~, :!, :eql?
                   #    :hash, :<=>, :class, :singleton_class]
k.methods.length   #=> 56

k.methods(false)   #=> []
def k.singleton_method; end
k.methods(false)   #=> [:singleton_method]

module M123; def m123; end end
k.extend M123
k.methods(false)   #=> [:singleton_method]
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