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NOPRINTING_IVARS = ["@last_value"]

NO_INSPECTING_IVARS = ["@irb", "@io"]

IDNAME_IVARS = ["@prompt_mode"]


[R] workspace_home
[RW] workspace
[R] thread
[RW] io
[RW] irb
[RW] ap_name
[RW] rc
[RW] load_modules
[RW] irb_name
[RW] irb_path
[R] use_readline
[R] inspect_mode
[R] prompt_mode
[RW] prompt_i
[RW] prompt_s
[RW] prompt_c
[RW] prompt_n
[RW] auto_indent_mode
[RW] return_format
[RW] ignore_sigint
[RW] ignore_eof
[RW] echo
[RW] verbose
[R] debug_level
[RW] back_trace_limit
[R] use_readline?
[RW] rc?
[RW] ignore_sigint?
[RW] ignore_eof?
[RW] echo?
[R] last_value
[R] use_tracer
[R] use_tracer?
[R] eval_history
[R] math_mode
[R] math?
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