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This class contains all of the logic for determining the next version of a Gem to update to based on the requested level (patch, minor, major). Primarily designed to work with Resolver which will provide it the list of available dependency versions as found in its index, before returning it to to the resolution engine to select the best version.




[RW] prerelease_specified
[RW] strict

By default, strict is false, meaning every available version of a gem is returned from sort_versions. The order gives preference to the requested level (:patch, :minor, :major) but in complicated requirement cases some gems will by necessity by promoted past the requested level, or even reverted to older versions.

If strict is set to true, the results from sort_versions will be truncated, eliminating any version outside the current level scope. This can lead to unexpected outcomes or even VersionConflict exceptions that report a version of a gem not existing for versions that indeed do existing in the referenced source.

[R] unlock_gems
[R] locked_specs
[R] level
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