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secret_key_base() public

The secret_key_base is used as the input secret to the application’s key generator, which in turn is used to create all ActiveSupport::MessageVerifier and ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor instances, including the ones that sign and encrypt cookies.

In development and test, this is randomly generated and stored in a temporary file in tmp/local_secret.txt.

You can also set ENV["SECRET_KEY_BASE_DUMMY"] to trigger the use of a randomly generated secret_key_base that’s stored in a temporary file. This is useful when precompiling assets for production as part of a build step that otherwise does not need access to the production secrets.

Dockerfile example: RUN SECRET_KEY_BASE_DUMMY=1 bundle exec rails assets:precompile.

In all other environments, we look for it first in ENV["SECRET_KEY_BASE"], then credentials.secret_key_base, and finally secrets.secret_key_base. For most applications, the correct place to store it is in the encrypted credentials file.

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