camelize(term, uppercase_first_letter = true) public

Converts strings to UpperCamelCase. If the uppercase_first_letter parameter is set to false, then produces lowerCamelCase.

Also converts ‘/’ to ‘::’ which is useful for converting paths to namespaces.

camelize('active_model')                # => "ActiveModel"
camelize('active_model', false)         # => "activeModel"
camelize('active_model/errors')         # => "ActiveModel::Errors"
camelize('active_model/errors', false)  # => "activeModel::Errors"

As a rule of thumb you can think of camelize as the inverse of #underscore, though there are cases where that does not hold:

camelize(underscore('SSLError'))        # => "SslError"
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January 20, 2010
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