create_join_table(table_1, table_2, column_options: {}, **options) public

Creates a new join table with the name created using the lexical order of the first two arguments. These arguments can be a String or a Symbol.

# Creates a table called 'assemblies_parts' with no id.
create_join_table(:assemblies, :parts)

You can pass an options hash which can include the following keys:


Sets the table name, overriding the default.


Any extra options you want appended to the columns definition.


Any extra options you want appended to the table definition.


Make a temporary table.


Set to true to drop the table before creating it. Defaults to false.

Note that #create_join_table does not create any indices by default; you can use its block form to do so yourself:

create_join_table :products, :categories do |t|
  t.index :product_id
  t.index :category_id
Add a backend specific option to the generated SQL (MySQL)
create_join_table(:assemblies, :parts, options: 'ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8')


CREATE TABLE assemblies_parts (
  assembly_id bigint NOT NULL,
  part_id bigint NOT NULL,
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