highlight(text, phrases, options = {}, &block) public

Highlights occurrences of phrases in text by formatting them with a highlighter string. phrases can be one or more strings or regular expressions. The result will be marked HTML safe. By default, text is sanitized before highlighting to prevent possible XSS attacks.

If a block is specified, it will be used instead of the highlighter string. Each occurrence of a phrase will be passed to the block, and its return value will be inserted into the final result.



The highlighter string. Uses \1 as the placeholder for a phrase, similar to +String#sub+. Defaults to "<mark>\1</mark>". This option is ignored if a block is specified.


Whether to sanitize text before highlighting. Defaults to true.


highlight('You searched for: rails', 'rails')
# => "You searched for: <mark>rails</mark>"

highlight('You searched for: rails', /for|rails/)
# => "You searched <mark>for</mark>: <mark>rails</mark>"

highlight('You searched for: ruby, rails, dhh', 'actionpack')
# => "You searched for: ruby, rails, dhh"

highlight('You searched for: rails', ['for', 'rails'], highlighter: '<em>\1</em>')
# => "You searched <em>for</em>: <em>rails</em>"

highlight('You searched for: rails', 'rails', highlighter: '<a href="search?q=\1">\1</a>')
# => "You searched for: <a href=\"search?q=rails\">rails</a>"

highlight('You searched for: rails', 'rails') { |match| link_to(search_path(q: match, match)) }
# => "You searched for: <a href=\"search?q=rails\">rails</a>"

highlight('<a href="javascript:alert(\'no!\')">ruby</a> on rails', 'rails', sanitize: false)
# => "<a href=\"javascript:alert('no!')\">ruby</a> on <mark>rails</mark>"
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