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Action Dispatch PermissionsPolicy

Configures the HTTP Feature-Policy response header to specify which browser features the current document and its iframes can use.

Example global policy:

Rails.application.config.permissions_policy do |policy|
  policy.camera      :none
  policy.gyroscope   :none
  policy.microphone  :none
  policy.usb         :none
  policy.fullscreen  :self
  policy.payment     :self, "https://secure.example.com"

The Feature-Policy header has been renamed to Permissions-Policy. The Permissions-Policy requires a different implementation and isn’t yet supported by all browsers. To avoid having to rename this middleware in the future we use the new name for the middleware but keep the old header name and implementation for now.


DIRECTIVES = { accelerometer: "accelerometer", ambient_light_sensor: "ambient-light-sensor", autoplay: "autoplay", camera: "camera", encrypted_media: "encrypted-media", fullscreen: "fullscreen", geolocation: "geolocation", gyroscope: "gyroscope", hid: "hid", idle_detection: "idle_detection", magnetometer: "magnetometer", microphone: "microphone", midi: "midi", payment: "payment", picture_in_picture: "picture-in-picture", screen_wake_lock: "screen-wake-lock", serial: "serial", sync_xhr: "sync-xhr", usb: "usb", web_share: "web-share", }.freeze

MAPPINGS = { self: "'self'", none: "'none'", }.freeze


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