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sms_to(phone_number, name = nil, html_options = {}, &block) public

Creates an SMS anchor link tag to the specified phone_number. When the link is clicked, the default SMS messaging app is opened ready to send a message to the linked phone number. If the body option is specified, the contents of the message will be preset to body.

If name is not specified, phone_number will be used as the name of the link.

A country_code option is supported, which prepends a plus sign and the given country code to the linked phone number. For example, country_code: "01" will prepend +01 to the linked phone number.

Additional HTML attributes for the link can be passed via html_options.


  • :country_code - Prepend the country code to the phone number.

  • :body - Preset the body of the message.


sms_to "5155555785"
# => <a href="sms:5155555785;">5155555785</a>

sms_to "5155555785", country_code: "01"
# => <a href="sms:+015155555785;">5155555785</a>

sms_to "5155555785", "Text me"
# => <a href="sms:5155555785;">Text me</a>

sms_to "5155555785", body: "I have a question about your product."
# => <a href="sms:5155555785;?body=I%20have%20a%20question%20about%20your%20product">5155555785</a>

You can use a block as well if your link target is hard to fit into the name parameter. ERB example:

<%= sms_to "5155555785" do %>
  <strong>Text me:</strong>
<% end %>
# => <a href="sms:5155555785;">
       <strong>Text me:</strong>
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