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encrypted(path, key_path: "config/master.key", env_key: "RAILS_MASTER_KEY") public

Shorthand to decrypt any encrypted configurations or files.

For any file added with rails encrypted:edit call read to decrypt the file with the master key. The master key is either stored in config/master.key or ENV["RAILS_MASTER_KEY"].

# => "We've met before, haven't we?"

It’s also possible to interpret encrypted YAML files with config.

# => { next_guys_line: "I don't think so. Where was it you think we met?" }

Any top-level configs are also accessible directly on the return value:

# => "I don't think so. Where was it you think we met?"

The files or configs can also be encrypted with a custom key. To decrypt with a key in the ENV, use:

Rails.application.encrypted("config/special_tokens.yml.enc", env_key: "SPECIAL_TOKENS")

Or to decrypt with a file, that should be version control ignored, relative to Rails.root:

Rails.application.encrypted("config/special_tokens.yml.enc", key_path: "config/special_tokens.key")
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