safe_join(array, sep = $,) public

This method returns an HTML safe string similar to what Array#join would return. The array is flattened, and all items, including the supplied separator, are HTML escaped unless they are HTML safe, and the returned string is marked as HTML safe.

safe_join([raw("<p>foo</p>"), "<p>bar</p>"], "<br />")
# => "<p>foo</p><br /><p>bar</p>"

safe_join([raw("<p>foo</p>"), raw("<p>bar</p>")], raw("<br />"))
# => "<p>foo</p><br /><p>bar</p>"
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April 24, 2014 - (<= v4.0.2)
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First example's output is incorrect

Everything except the initially html_safe input should be escaped in the output.

The output of the first example should be:

# => "<p>foo</p>&lt;br /&gt;&lt;p&gt;bar&lt;/p&gt;"