clear_validators!() public

Clears all of the validators and validations.

Note that this will clear anything that is being used to validate the model for both the validates_with and validate methods. It clears the validators that are created with an invocation of validates_with and the callbacks that are set by an invocation of validate.

class Person
  include ActiveModel::Validations

  validates_with MyValidator
  validates_with OtherValidator, on: :create
  validates_with StrictValidator, strict: true
  validate :cannot_be_robot

  def cannot_be_robot
    errors.add(:base, 'A person cannot be a robot') if person_is_robot

# => [
#      #<MyValidator:0x007fbff403e808 @options={}>,
#      #<OtherValidator:0x007fbff403d930 @options={on: :create}>,
#      #<StrictValidator:0x007fbff3204a30 @options={strict:true}>
#    ]

If one runs Person.clear_validators! and then checks to see what validators this class has, you would obtain:

Person.validators # => []

Also, the callback set by validate :cannot_be_robot will be erased so that:

Person._validate_callbacks.empty?  # => true
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