An instance of this class represents a set of requests and responses performed sequentially by a test process. Because you can instantiate multiple sessions and run them side-by-side, you can also mimic (to some limited extent) multiple simultaneous users interacting with your system.

Typically, you will instantiate a new session using IntegrationTest#open_session, rather than instantiating Integration::Session directly.




[W] host!
[RW] request_count

A running counter of the number of requests processed.

[R] response

A reference to the response instance used by the last request.

[R] request

A reference to the request instance used by the last request.

[R] controller

A reference to the controller instance used by the last request.

[RW] accept

The Accept header to send.

[RW] remote_addr

The remote_addr used in the last request.

[W] host
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