normalize_options!(options, path_params, modyoule) private

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# File actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/routing/mapper.rb, line 242
          def normalize_options!(options, path_params, modyoule)
            if path_params.include?(:controller)
              raise ArgumentError, ":controller segment is not allowed within a namespace block" if modyoule

              # Add a default constraint for :controller path segments that matches namespaced
              # controllers with default routes like :controller/:action/:id(.:format), e.g:
              # GET /admin/products/show/1
              # => { controller: 'admin/products', action: 'show', id: '1' }
              options[:controller] ||= /.+?/

            if to.respond_to?(:action) || to.respond_to?(:call)
              to_endpoint = split_to to
              controller  = to_endpoint[0] || default_controller
              action      = to_endpoint[1] || default_action

              controller = add_controller_module(controller, modyoule)

              options.merge! check_controller_and_action(path_params, controller, action)
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