add_index_options(table_name, column_name, comment: nil, **options) public

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# File activerecord/lib/active_record/connection_adapters/abstract/schema_statements.rb, line 1135
      def add_index_options(table_name, column_name, comment: nil, **options) # :nodoc:
        column_names = index_column_names(column_name)

        options.assert_valid_keys(:unique, :order, :name, :where, :length, :internal, :using, :algorithm, :type, :opclass)

        index_type = options[:type].to_s if options.key?(:type)
        index_type ||= options[:unique] ? "UNIQUE" : ""
        index_name = options[:name].to_s if options.key?(:name)
        index_name ||= index_name(table_name, column_names)

        if options.key?(:algorithm)
          algorithm = index_algorithms.fetch(options[:algorithm]) {
            raise ArgumentError.new("Algorithm must be one of the following: #{index_algorithms.keys.map(&:inspect).join(', ')}")

        using = "USING #{options[:using]}" if options[:using].present?

        if supports_partial_index?
          index_options = options[:where] ? " WHERE #{options[:where]}" : ""

        validate_index_length!(table_name, index_name, options.fetch(:internal, false))

        if data_source_exists?(table_name) && index_name_exists?(table_name, index_name)
          raise ArgumentError, "Index name '#{index_name}' on table '#{table_name}' already exists"
        index_columns = quoted_columns_for_index(column_names, options).join(", ")

        [index_name, index_type, index_columns, index_options, algorithm, using, comment]
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