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verified(signed_message) public

Decodes the signed message using the MessageVerifier's secret.

verifier = ActiveSupport::MessageVerifier.new 's3Krit'

signed_message = verifier.generate 'a private message'
verifier.verified(signed_message) # => 'a private message'

Returns nil if the message was not signed with the same secret.

other_verifier = ActiveSupport::MessageVerifier.new 'd1ff3r3nt-s3Krit'
other_verifier.verified(signed_message) # => nil

Returns nil if the message is not Base64-encoded.

invalid_message = "f--46a0120593880c733a53b6dad75b42ddc1c8996d"
verifier.verified(invalid_message) # => nil

Raises any error raised while decoding the signed message.

incompatible_message = "test--dad7b06c94abba8d46a15fafaef56c327665d5ff"
verifier.verified(incompatible_message) # => TypeError: incompatible marshal file format
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