find_with_associations() private

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# File activerecord/lib/active_record/relation/finder_methods.rb, line 358
      def find_with_associations
        # NOTE: the JoinDependency constructed here needs to know about
        #       any joins already present in `self`, so pass them in
        # failing to do so means that in cases like activerecord/test/cases/associations/inner_join_association_test.rb:136
        # incorrect SQL is generated. In that case, the join dependency for
        # SpecialCategorizations is constructed without knowledge of the
        # preexisting join in joins_values to categorizations (by way of
        # the `has_many :through` for categories).
        join_dependency = construct_join_dependency(joins_values)

        aliases  = join_dependency.aliases
        relation = select aliases.columns
        relation = apply_join_dependency(relation, join_dependency)

        yield relation, join_dependency
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