new(app, ip_spoofing_check = true, custom_proxies = nil) public

Create a new RemoteIp middleware instance.

The ip_spoofing_check option is on by default. When on, an exception is raised if it looks like the client is trying to lie about its own IP address. It makes sense to turn off this check on sites aimed at non-IP clients (like WAP devices), or behind proxies that set headers in an incorrect or confusing way (like AWS ELB).

The custom_proxies argument can take an Array of string, IPAddr, or Regexp objects which will be used instead of TRUSTED_PROXIES. If a single string, IPAddr, or Regexp object is provided, it will be used in addition to TRUSTED_PROXIES. Any proxy setup will put the value you want in the middle (or at the beginning) of the X-Forwarded-For list, with your proxy servers after it. If your proxies aren’t removed, pass them in via the custom_proxies parameter. That way, the middleware will ignore those IP addresses, and return the one that you want.

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