[](attr_name) public

Returns the value of the attribute identified by attr_name after it has been typecast (for example, “2004-12-12” in a date column is cast to a date object, like Date.new(2004, 12, 12)). It raises ActiveModel::MissingAttributeError if the identified attribute is missing.

Alias for the read_attribute method.

class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :organization

person = Person.new(name: 'Francesco', age: '22')
person[:name] # => "Francesco"
person[:age]  # => 22

person = Person.select('id').first
person[:name]            # => ActiveModel::MissingAttributeError: missing attribute: name
person[:organization_id] # => ActiveModel::MissingAttributeError: missing attribute: organization_id
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