apply_form_for_options!(record, object, options) private

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# File actionview/lib/action_view/helpers/form_helper.rb, line 440
      def apply_form_for_options!(record, object, options) #:nodoc:
        object = convert_to_model(object)

        as = options[:as]
        namespace = options[:namespace]
        action, method = object.respond_to?(:persisted?) && object.persisted? ? [:edit, :patch] : [:new, :post]
          class:  as ? "#{action}_#{as}" : dom_class(object, action),
          id:     (as ? [namespace, action, as] : [namespace, dom_id(object, action)]).compact.join("_").presence,
          method: method

        options[:url] ||= polymorphic_path(record, format: options.delete(:format))
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