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image_path(source, options = {}) public

Computes the path to an image asset. Full paths from the document root will be passed through. Used internally by image_tag to build the image path:

image_path("edit")                                         # => "/assets/edit"
image_path("edit.png")                                     # => "/assets/edit.png"
image_path("icons/edit.png")                               # => "/assets/icons/edit.png"
image_path("/icons/edit.png")                              # => "/icons/edit.png"
image_path("http://www.example.com/img/edit.png")          # => "http://www.example.com/img/edit.png"

If you have images as application resources this method may conflict with their named routes. The alias path_to_image is provided to avoid that. Rails uses the alias internally, and plugin authors are encouraged to do so.

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