pluck(column_name) public

This method is designed to perform select by a single column as direct SQL query Returns Array with values of the specified column name The values has same data type as column.


Person.pluck(:id) # SELECT people.id FROM people
Person.uniq.pluck(:role) # SELECT DISTINCT role FROM people
Person.where(:confirmed => true).limit(5).pluck(:id)
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January 8, 2015 - (v4.1.8)
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Text improvement

Where it says: without loading a bunch of records should say: without loading a bunch of columns/attributes Considering that record usually is a row.

March 10, 2021
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Text improvement

The statement about not loading a bunch of records is correct because pluck returns an Array of values, not a ActiveRecord::Relation or an Array of Records.

The exact wording though may be:

“…without retrieving from the database unused columns or loading a bunch of records just to grab the attributes you want”