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# File railties/lib/rails/commands/server.rb, line 57
    def start
      url = "#{options[:SSLEnable] ? 'https' : 'http'}://#{options[:Host]}:#{options[:Port]}"
      puts "=> Booting #{ActiveSupport::Inflector.demodulize(server)}"
      puts "=> Rails #{Rails.version} application starting in #{Rails.env} on #{url}"
      puts "=> Call with -d to detach" unless options[:daemonize]
      trap(:INT) { exit }
      puts "=> Ctrl-C to shutdown server" unless options[:daemonize]

      #Create required tmp directories if not found
      %(cache pids sessions sockets).each do |dir_to_make|
        FileUtils.mkdir_p(Rails.root.join('tmp', dir_to_make))

      # The '-h' option calls exit before @options is set.
      # If we call 'options' with it unset, we get double help banners.
      puts 'Exiting' unless @options && options[:daemonize]
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