html_options_for_form(url_for_options, options) private

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# File actionpack/lib/action_view/helpers/form_tag_helper.rb, line 605
        def html_options_for_form(url_for_options, options)
          options.stringify_keys.tap do |html_options|
            html_options["enctype"] = "multipart/form-data" if html_options.delete("multipart")
            # The following URL is unescaped, this is just a hash of options, and it is the
            # responsibility of the caller to escape all the values.
            html_options["action"]  = url_for(url_for_options)
            html_options["accept-charset"] = "UTF-8"
            html_options["data-remote"] = true if html_options.delete("remote")
            html_options["authenticity_token"] = html_options.delete("authenticity_token") if html_options.has_key?("authenticity_token")
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