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VALID_CHARACTER = { # Borrowed from the Kconv library by Shinji KONO - (also as seen on the W3C site) 'UTF-8' => /\A(?: [\x00-\x7f] | [\xc2-\xdf] [\x80-\xbf] | \xe0 [\xa0-\xbf] [\x80-\xbf] | [\xe1-\xef] [\x80-\xbf] [\x80-\xbf] | \xf0 [\x90-\xbf] [\x80-\xbf] [\x80-\xbf] | [\xf1-\xf3] [\x80-\xbf] [\x80-\xbf] [\x80-\xbf] | \xf4 [\x80-\x8f] [\x80-\xbf] [\x80-\xbf])\z /xn, # Quick check for valid Shift-JIS characters, disregards the odd-even pairing 'Shift_JIS' => /\A(?: [\x00-\x7e\xa1-\xdf] | [\x81-\x9f\xe0-\xef] [\x40-\x7e\x80-\x9e\x9f-\xfc])\z /xn }


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