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# File activerecord/lib/active_record/relation/query_methods.rb, line 170
    def build_arel
      arel = table.from table

      build_joins(arel, @joins_values) unless @joins_values.empty?

      collapse_wheres(arel, (@where_values - ['']).uniq)

      arel.having(*@having_values.uniq.reject{|h| h.blank?}) unless @having_values.empty?

      arel.take(connection.sanitize_limit(@limit_value)) if @limit_value
      arel.skip(@offset_value) if @offset_value

      arel.group(*@group_values.uniq.reject{|g| g.blank?}) unless @group_values.empty?

      order = @reorder_value ? @reorder_value : @order_values
      order = reverse_sql_order(order) if @reverse_order_value
      arel.order(*order.uniq.reject{|o| o.blank?}) unless order.empty?

      build_select(arel, @select_values.uniq)

      arel.from(@from_value) if @from_value
      arel.lock(@lock_value) if @lock_value

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