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say_with_time(message) public

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September 16, 2008
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print standard-looking messages during migration

Within a migration file you can use the say_with_time method to print out informational messages that match the style of standard migration messages. See the say method also.

say_with_time "migrate existing data" do
  # ... execute migration sql ...
#=> "-- migrate existing data"
#=> "   -> 0.0299s"
November 17, 2014 - (<= v4.0.2)
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Include items affected in output

If the result returned from the block is an Integer, the output will include a message about that number of “rows” in addition to the elapsed time.

say_with_time "Some complex, custom work" do
  counter = 0
  # ... do some stuff here that increments the counter ...

#=> "-- Some complex, custom work"
#=> "   -> 45.3725s"
#=> "   -> 52880 rows"