months() public

Enables the use of time calculations and declarations, like 45.minutes + 2.hours + 4.years.

These methods use Time#advance for precise date calculations when using from_now, ago, etc. as well as adding or subtracting their results from a Time object. For example:

  # equivalent to Time.now.advance(:months => 1)

  # equivalent to Time.now.advance(:years => 2)

  # equivalent to Time.now.advance(:months => 4, :years => 5)
  (4.months + 5.years).from_now

While these methods provide precise calculation when used as in the examples above, care should be taken to note that this is not true if the result of `months’, `years’, etc is converted before use:

  # equivalent to 30.days.to_i.from_now

  # equivalent to 365.25.days.to_f.from_now

In such cases, Ruby’s core Date and Time should be used for precision date and time arithmetic

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