Action View Context

Action View contexts are supplied to Action Controller to render template. The default Action View context is ActionView::Base.

In order to work with ActionController, a Context must implement:


  - responsible for setting options[:_template]
  - Returns String with the rendered partial
  options<Hash>:: see _render_partial in ActionView::Base

Context#render_template[template, layout, options, partial]

  - Returns String with the rendered template
  template<ActionView::Template>:: The template to render
  layout<ActionView::Template>:: The layout to render around the template
  options<Hash>:: See _render_template_with_layout in ActionView::Base
  partial<Boolean>:: Whether or not the template to render is a partial

An Action View context can also mix in Action View's helpers. In order to mix in helpers, a context must implement:


In any case, a context must mix in ActionView::Context, which stores compiled template and provides the output buffer.

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